Lush Concepts


Electronic Kiosk Network


St. Joseph Communications



The Electronic Kiosk Network (EKN) is an initiative by St. Joseph Communications to get wi-fi-enabled printing kiosks into public spaces. Print photographs from your phone over coffee, business documents in the boarding lounge, or use the Google Maps functionality to find a restaurant in the area and print a map with the route highlighted.

What you see here is the back end administration site, used by staff at St. Joseph to keep an eye on the ink and paper levels and manage maintenance and dispatch schedules. There is also a mobile component used by dispatchers to log tasks and jobs.

At the time, this was a significant undertaking for Lush Concepts, but it was great in that St. Joseph told us what they needed to happen and let us get on with the best approach. In this case I single-handedly figured out how the entire system should function and created a wireframe document that ran to something like 150 pages (see below).

The design I wanted to keep clean and modern, but also with a vaguely retro atomic age touch, which I have to admit was inspired by some old machinery I found while poking around where I probably shouldn't in the St. Joseph plant.